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Go to Hell

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Released: 1984

Genre: Adventure

Format reviewed: ZX Spectrum

Publisher: Triple Six

Developer: Triple Six

Submitted by: Ian Marks

If you young kids think you invented controversial horror games, what with your Dante’s Inferno, Manhunt and Splatterhouse then think again. Because back in the eighties we had our share of Daily Mail reader shock and outrage too. Triple Six were an unknown company when they brought out their bloodfest ‘Go to Hell’.

Oh the horror, and the outrage that greeted this game was astronomical. Sadly it wasn’t horror and outrage at the gory contents of the game, no it was outrage at just how bad this game was. And oh boy was it a bad game.

After loading you are greeted with a green face (like a thinner version of Grotbags) which opens its eyes at you – very scary indeed. Then you choose your control option, and you are off… into hell!

Hell it appears consists of truly horrible colour clash graphics, and believe me they are frightening. Why there’s a man having his head sawn off with a saw that says ‘DIE’ written on it, in case he hadn’t got the message from having his head sawn off. There is a man being squashed between two spiked bricks, a big red dragon and some gravestones that shoot fireballs at you. If you want you can fire crucifixes back at the monsters, but in practice this is quite hard to get right.

It plays a little bit like Berzerk in that you negotiate a maze, shooting monsters. However whilst Berzerk is a great game, Go to Hell is not. It’s wheezy and arthritic, the main character swans about the screen like he’s got all day. Now I don’t know about you, but I think if I was in hell, I’d probably move with a bit more urgency.

I’m sure there is a point to the game, but I can’t for the life of me remember what it was. I think the developers put more effort into trying to be ‘out there and edgy’ and forgot to write a decent game.

As a small boy I really wanted this game, I’d read the Crash review and although they hated it, I wanted to see people’s head sawn off (what young boy didn’t). It took me until three years ago to play this under emulation, and the full disturbing truth soon became apparent. It hadn’t been worth the wait. As Kevin from the Wonder Years would say ‘I learnt something that day.’, I’m just not sure what.