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Green Beret

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Released: 1986

Publisher: Imagine

Developer: Imagine

Submitted by: Matthew Aston

Green Beret (or Rush’n Attack in the U.S.) is a port of the Arcade game made by Konami.  It was ported by Imagine for the C64 in 1986.

Your name is Green Hat, a member of the elite branch of the US Army – The Green Berets. You have been sent into Russia alone to rescue some P.O.W.s, armed only with a knife. Although this is a little misleading since the loading screen shows ‘Green Hat’ holding a huge machine gun.  Anyway, I loved this game when I was a nipper, as like many of the early C64 titles it was all a one load affair.

The game is divided into three sections, the bridge, the harbour and the missile base.  The game scrolls left to right and the objective is to make it all the way to right of each level, dispatching enemy soldiers as you go along with your knife.  Some guards drop a special weapon when killed such as a flame thrower or a rocket launcher.  These weapons only have about three shots before they run out of ammo, so must be used wisely.

At the end of each level the player will be confronted by an attack wave of enemy soldiers, the special weapons come right handy here if you hope to survive.  In the later levels these end of level fights include not only normal enemies but martial artists you can kill with a kick to the face, dogs and even men in parachutes are included.

Green Beret while pretty basic and missing a level from the Arcade original is still a C64 classic.  The graphics are clear and well animated. The action is quick, and the backdrops are great for a single load title.  The sound isn’t bad either; there is a great thumping title track from Martin Galway; while the main game is played to a drum beat.

I would say now that Green Beret isn’t all that hard, it’s a little complicated having to use the Space Bar for your special weapon and the collision detection is very precise, touch an enemy solder even slightly and Green Hat is history.  To be honest, I couldn’t get past level two when I used play this and even now I have to cheat with save states.  Still well worth taking a look at as it’s a very good arcade conversion for the C64.