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Released: 1984

Publisher: Activision

Developer: Activision

Submitted by: Anthony Staude

A conversion from Atari 2600. The aim of the game is to descend down a dangerous mine to rescue the trapped miner.

You control a guy with a helicopter back pack who has to navigate down a mine to find the trapped miner, avoiding the nasties on the way. At your disposal is a head-mounted laser and six sticks of dynamite.

As you progress through the levels, the mines get deeper and the villians get nastier.

The laser can be used to dispatch enemies and the dynamite can be used to blow through cave=ins. You can also use your laser but it’s much slower.

There’s a few nice lighting effects. The caverns light brilliant white when dynamite goes off. And the opposite happens when you trip a lantern – everything gets dark. It makes exploring the mines that much more atmospheric.

When you finally find a miner, he thanks you. He sort of clasps his hand together as you stand before him. Amusingly the Sega-1000 version features girly miners who give similar thanks. I don’t know if it’s just me but the “thank-you” gesture has always struck me as being quite amusing.

There are many versions of H.E.R.O. but again this is the best 8-bit version. The SG-1000 version comes close, but the Atari version just pips it at the post.

Highly recommended and if anyone is selling a complete cart of this game – drop me a message!