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Released: 1988

Genre: Shoot-’em-up

Format reviewed: Amiga 500

Publisher: Cope-com

Developer: Discovery International

Submitted by: Ash H

Hybris is an old school vertical scrolling shoot'em up from the very early days of the amiga. The story goes something like a colony has lost contact and you, the scout ship, find out there has been an alien invasion. Give them hell.

Once you have selected a pilot you appear above level one, which is a wasteland. Before you know it, the first waves of alien nasties show up in various attack patterns. Destroying waves of aliens gives you a points bonus, but the main objectives are shoot everything and stay alive. On the ground are gun turrets which fire at you wherever you are on the screen. Some of these have barriers in front of them which make them harder to destroy. You then need to fly past the barrier before you can shoot as they block your shots.

Occasionally, a numbered power up icon will appear. Shoot this and then collect it where it lands and you can enhance your ship. Your laser can be upgraded as well as your ship until you get shot then it's back to what you had. When things get really tricky there is a smart bomb, but that is best saved for the guardians that appear.

While the graphics and sonics don't make the amiga sweat, things are decent enough. You have a funky tune on the title screen and as you play the game. Your ship is very responsive and things move at a fast pace. Hybris remains a very good vertical shooter even after the likes of SWIV came along.