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Ice Hockey

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Released: 1988

Genre: Sports

Format reviewed: NES/Famicom

Publisher: Nintendo

Developer: Nintendo

Submitted by: Steven Jackson

Ice Hockey for NES was voted the 142nd best game on a Nintendo system and it's easy to see why. It's realistic, addictive and fun.

Ice Hockey lets you play as six international teams from around the world . These are USA, Canada, Sweden, Poland, Russia and Czechoslovakia. Once you have selected your team you select your four players (the goalkeeper is pre-selected). The players can be average build, thin build and bulky build. With the three body types come various advantages and disadvantages adding to the authentic feel to this game.

The gameplay itself is fun and addicting alone but the added option of two players makes the game even more addicting and fun. The game has smooth controls and is just like real Ice Hockey including fights, icing and penalty shootouts when games are drawn to decide an ultimate winner. The graphics arn't brilliant on this game but the authentic gameplay and addictiveness makeup for it. The game also allows you to edit the time of the periods for the games and the speed you want the game to play at again making it more challenging yet addictive.

Ice Hockey is arguably one of the greatest sports games ever made. It may have aged now from it's original release but still has the same addictive and authentic gameplay it had when first released. If you own a wii download this from the virtual console you won't regret it.

Ice Hockey

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Released: 1981

Genre: Sports

Format reviewed: Atari 2600

Publisher: Activision

Developer: Alan Miller

Submitted by: Alex Holmes

When a handful of disgruntled Atari programmers left  in 1979 to form their own software company to produce games for the 2600, little did people know that Activision would go on to create some of the best games for Ataris popular system.

Ice Hockey is certainly one of them.  A simple 2 on 2, 3 minute game that supports both single and two player modes.  Tripping, body checking and tackles all feature as do the tactical off the wall passes and shots. 

With fast gameplay and fairly good computer A.I its no suprise that Ice Hockey is a well remembered sports game.  Plus it features one of the best TV adverts from the 1980's…. I'M READY, I'M READY ! !