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Ikari Warriors

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Released: 1986

Genre: Shoot-’em-up

Format reviewed: Commodore 64

Publisher: Elite

Developer: SNK

Submitted by: James Evans

A once accomplished 2 player 8 way shooter in the arcades was reduced to nothing more than poor tedium on the C64

The bullet collision is pretty poor, the difficulty is incredibly harsh and all the great touches that originally made the game are broken.

The tank was the defining feature of the game. It gives you more hits before you inevitably die. Although this is true, the time you have to escape once that plume of smoke bellows out is truely unfair. You do not even get a fair warning before it begins.

Technically the game suffers. Poor graphics make the impossible even more impossible – the green of the jungle and grass make bullets near invisible and too easy to accidentally wander in to. This juxtaposed with that evil theme tune. It sounds great the first 30 times but the shortness of the loop is so lazy. Like the ticking of a clock it never ends!

Another title that should have been better than its peers, this game is a mere shadow in comparison to the Amstrad and Speccy.

This game is revered as a classic shooter but for me it really falls short of the mark. On this system stick with Who Dares Wins 2.