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Inca Curse (Adventure B)

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Released: 1981

Publisher: Sinclair Research

Developer: Charles Cecil

Submitted by: Robert Dunning

Produced by Arctic Computing, designed by Charles Cecil, published by Sinclair Research.

Inca curse is a text based adventure game. You play the part of an un-named explorer in the South American jungle who is about to plunder a yet untouched Inca temple. Your goal is to guide the explorer through the temple collecting as much treasure as possible without losing your life and then make your way back to the security of the jungle clearing. Descriptions during the game are short which lead gamers to fill in the blanks with their imaginations. Instructions to our adventurer follow a simple verb>noun dialogue. Whether you can complete a task without losing your life is dependent upon what you have decided to keep in your six item inventory list and the route taken. Points are given at the end of the game for treasures collected.

Why is this game special?  Charles Cecil went on to design the Broken Sword series of Windows PC games. It is fascinating to see the evolution of adventure gaming from 2D black and white text through to the now familiar 3D third person viewpoint.

Why is this game special to me? My secondary school English teacher had the foresight to feel that this game would make a good introduction to adventure story writing. In the Christmas of 1981 I received my first Home Computer, a ZX81 and the story continues…

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