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Genre: Shoot-'em-up

Format reviewed: ZX Spectrum

Based on the big budget Steven Spielberg film the objective of Jaws is to manoeuvre your submersible around the depths of the ocean around Amity Island and retrieve four parts of a gun and also bullets which were lost in a previous encounter with Jaws.

The sea life is very dangerous around Amity and you can shoot everything except the flashing creatures – if you do then you lose a life. The undersea caverns cover a large area and it is easy to become lost and also run out of precious air. However to help you soon realise that shooting certain creatures sometimes releases a bonus item such as extra air, a treasure chest or if you are really lucky a gun part!

A nice touch about this game is an enhanced version for 128k Spectrums. Not only is the theme tune from the movie present on the title screen but there is also a top-down view of the island added where you have to keep an eye on shark sightings and close the relevant beaches before someone is eaten!

Once you find the four parts of the gun you suddenly find that your lives and air time are significantly reduced so finding Jaws is now a priority! With only 4 bullets at your disposal and 3 hits to kill Jaws your task is difficult but three good shots soon result in a satisfying explosion. Smile you son of a bitch!