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Jelly Monsters

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Released: 1981

Genre: Puzzle

Format reviewed: VIC-20

Publisher: Commodore

Developer: HAL Laboratory

Submitted by: Mat Allen

But first a history lesson. When Commodore launched the computer in Japan in 1980, many of the early games were written by developers in the land of the Rising Sun. It also gained license to convert three Namco arcade machines: Pac-man, Galaxian and Rally-X. But the license was only for Japan and it came unstuck when it tried to release the games in the West.

Despite renaming the Pac-man conversion as Jelly Monsters, Atari (who owned the home rights) filed an injuction against Commodore to prevent sale of the game. It is believed this was successful. Thankfully enough copies of the game were sold that it isn't too hard to find. By comparison Atari's own Vic20 version is not a patch on this.

It isn't a perfect conversion by any means, but it certains looks and sounds the part, far more than other 8-bit conversions and most importantly, it is fun to play.