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Knight Lore

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Released: 1984

Genre: Adventure

Format reviewed: ZX Spectrum

Publisher: Ultimate Play The Game

Developer: Tim Stamper / Chris Stamper

Submitted by: Crispian Driver

I find Ultimate such a special software company, that i worry about not doing their incredible games justice when i do a profile on them for this site. This like almost all their games really is very special.

This was the first Ultimate game to do the now infamous 3D Monochrome Isometric look, it was a truly groundbreaking game in it's day and a benchmark for Ultimate.

You reprise the role of Sabreman (an Ultimate hero himself) in this arcade adventure, you have been cursed causing you to change into a Werewulf at night. Your mission is to explore the Knight Lore Castle and rid yourself of this dreaded curse. You have 40 days and 40 nights to succeed in this mission, by day as Sabreman, by night as a werewulf. A sun and moon symbol at the bottom of the screen indicates where you are in your body clock.

This basically meant finding Melkhior the wizard and his cauldron, an object comes out the cauldron, you have to locate the object and place it back in the wizards pot. This needs to be done six times over if you want to be Sabreman forever more.

The game is full of puzzles, like using objects to reach other objects and places. You also have to negate blocks and avoid death from evil things such as ghosts, spikes and ball chains. Certain things also need to be done depending on being the Sabreman or the Werewulf. This like all of Ultimates games is very tough.

The graphics are superb, the isometric 3D is jaw dropping (original at the time). The game plays and moves beautifully. The directional controls make it a game far easier played on a joystick. It's use of sound is quite good. It really did push the Spectrum to new limits.

A fantastic game, it belongs in gaming history. Like most of Ultimates games playing them via emulation is very difficult, games by this company alone are worth buying an old Spectrum for, happy hunting.