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Krazy Kong

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Released: 1983

Genre: Platformer

Format reviewed: ZX 80/81

Publisher: PSS

Developer: CP Cullen

Submitted by: Andrew Hunt

When I started at secondary school, my best friend (and, naturally, arch nemesis) had all the game and watches. Honestly, he had all of them. Well at the very least he had Donkey Kong and Donkey Kong Jr. And he was very much of the 'you can watch me play and bask in my glory'-type. I was so jealous. Please let me have just one go. I'd never even seen Donkey Kong in the arcades. I don't think I'd even been in arcade. Please let me have a go. Just one go. Please.

And then I got my ZX81. In your face, sucker! But I didn't have a tape player, so I couldn't load games. It was all type-ins for me. Sinclair User had a version of Frogger. And Sinclair Programs printed a 5 or 6 line program that did a 'jump the barrels' thing which was awesome and just like playing Kong. Of course, I didn't get to play these immediately because it took me several months to figure out the abbreviations for the graphical symbols that SU and SP used. I'm sure they printed an explanation somewhere but for ages I couldn't work out why I was trying to get <g8> to jump over <gsH>'s. But please just let me have a go on Donkey Kong. Please!

And then, finally, my sister relented and let me borrow her tape player (or possibly a birthday came round and I was given a tape player) and I had a copy of Krazy Kong by PSS. I had craved this game for so long and when I finally got to play it….

God it was good! And it had 3 different levels! Not like that crappy game and watch! And look at the size of the nipples on Krazy Kong. He is all over Donkey Kong. He is taking Donkey Kong down! And who cares that the little inverted A is me? Inverted A poops all over Mario or Jumpman or whatever the little idiot was calling himself those days. I love Krazy Kong, and I've just played through it now and it is still awesome!

Can't wait for PSS to bring out Super Inverted A Galaxy and Super Inverted A Kart.

But can I still just have one go on Donkey Kong? Pleeeeeeassseeee??????