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La Abadia del Crimen

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Released: 1988

Genre: Adventure

Format reviewed: Amstrad CPC

Publisher: Opera Soft

Developer: Paco Menendez/Juan Delcán

Submitted by: JMV BOK

Relatively unknown, this fantastic Spanish game from Opera Software and the genius of Paco Menendez recreates in a masterful way the novel by Umberto Eco “The Name of the Rose” pushing the Amstrad CPC to its limit. Fray William of Occam, along with his novice Adzo, must investigate a series of murders in the framework of a Benedictine isometric abbey designed by Juan Delcan, and try to solve the mystery during seven intense days. If we want to stay at the abbey we must follow a severe routine, as it was already in The Great Escape. The game remains very faithful to the plot of the novel through eight characters, although it won´t be easy to complete the task. It is not a perfect game, but its ambition and technical perfection make up for a little disorienting camera and a really high difficulty (hard to progress without one of those “Youtube Walkthrough”). Believe or not, this game shows a fine example of “survival horror” when we try to reach the library at night, and the sinister abbot wanders threatening by the dark corridors. Although not published outside Spain, is one of the best 8-bit games in history. Don´t forget to take a look at ZX Spectrum 128k version, and the PC one with its digitized “Ave Maria” and a famous easter egg that calls you “Pirate” if you use a copy of the game instead the original disk.