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Lost Dutchman Mine

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Released: 1989

Genre: Adventure

Format reviewed: Amiga 500

Publisher: Magnetic Images

Developer: Magnetic Images

Submitted by: Christian Lindblom

Looking for an adventure game that will make you spend hours in front of your Amiga? Look no further, you've just dug up Lost Dutchman Mine.

At first glance, this game won't appear as anything special, there were a lot of games at the time with much better graphics, but this perfect mix of adventure and arcade as well as the non-linear gameplay makes for an excellent game in almost every aspect.

The game starts out in Goldfield town, in the middle of the desert, taking place somewhere around the year 1860. From here on, you are free to do just about anything, with one goal in mind: finding the ol' Dutchman mine. You can earn money in various ways; panning gold in the river, mining for gold in a cave or capturing a wanted bandit. If you are setting out on an expedition, make sure you have enough supplies, because the game is in real time, and you don't want to be found dead in the desert. And oh, watch out for the rattle snakes and the indians. When you get back from an expedition you can choose to sell your gold and maybe go to the saloon to take a few beers and a nap.

Sadly overlooked, this is a real gem in the gaming history, and it sets the mood just perfectly. Check it out.