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Mario Bros

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Released: 1988

Genre: Platformer

Format reviewed: Atari 7800

Publisher: Atari

Developer: Nintendo

Submitted by: Allan Cop

Among the first games I’ve ever played was the 1983 Mario Bros arcade translation for the Atari 7800. My first memories of video gaming I have are from this game, and not only because of the great single player experience, but multiplayer also added a whole new dimension of fun. My younger brother and I spent hours upon hours playing the game in my grandmothers guest room co-operating to get to the highest levels.

The main objective in the game is to wipe out the creeps coming out of the pipes on top of the screen by means of “bumping” the floor beneath the creeps causing them to flip over. You can then safely walk over and then kick them off screen. If you happen to be too slow, the creeps flip over by themselves and become angry and run faster. When the creeps reach the bottom of the screen they enter the pipes and emerge back on top. “Killing” all the creeps advances you to the next level.

My brother and I thought up our own Mario Bros versus mode for this game by trying to individually score the most points. Extra fun was achieved by flipping over creeps just before the other player would be able to kick it off screen causing the other player to die.

We still play this game sometimes on the newer portable console adaptations since our Atari has been missing for several years. I recommend you to pick it up some day to play some good old Mario Bros multiplayer Deathmatch!