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Released: 1987

Genre: Adventure

Format reviewed: Amstrad CPC

Publisher: Gremlin Graphics

Developer: Gremlin Graphics

Submitted by: Ash H

The forces of MASK under your command have come under attack and your colleagues have been scattered through time. It's down to you in your Thunder Hawk car to rescue them before time runs out.

The four time zones in MASK are viewed from above. Each large landscape scrolls smoothly in eight directions as you begin your search. Firstly you need to activate your scanner. To do this you need to find all the key pieces and put them together. Then you can search for your missing agents. Scattered about the landscape are bombs, repair kits for your car and security keys. Bombs not only destroy any enemy vehicles that come too close, they also can blast holes in obstacles to reach other areas.

The four time zones are Boulder Hill, Pre-Historic, Far Future and the VENOM base. Each of these zones have their dangers. For example in the Pre-Historic zone, pterodactyls drop rocks from above onto your car. You also need to watch out for snapping turtles, spitting volcanoes and running lava. Mechanical enemies include tanks, jeeps, skimmers and helicopters. Each well detailed enemy is hell bent on stoppping you.

Once you have located and picked up your missing agents, you need to take them to the vortex which will then take you to the next time zone. Should you rescue all your missing comrades, you then need to destroy the VENOM snake base. Three bombs will be needed in order to do this and in three seperate stages.

MASK is very colourful and well detailed on the cpc. You get a good tune before the game finishes loading and some decent sound effects while you play. Controlling the car does take a while to figure out before you go in the intended direction. If you die you also loose all your keys which can be annoying. This was the first of three MASK games that appeared on the 8-bit machines and probably was the best produced out of them. There are creations of adventure, there are creations of combat but there is not a creation quite like MASK!