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Released: 1988

Genre: Shoot-’em-up

Format reviewed: Amiga 500

Publisher: Psygnosis

Developer: DMA Design

Submitted by: Mike Wilcox

Made in the early days of DMA Design, Menace is your standard side scrolling shooter. You pilot a one man fighter against hoards of nasty aliens who want to wipe humanity from the face of time itself.

Only if your bullets were that much more powerful, though. Some enemies you shoot at need about 9 bullets as soon as you start off and the easiest ones come later on in the level, and as soon as you meet the end of level bosses, they are fiendishly hard. The graphics are so-so, but there is no variety and seem washed out. The gameplay gets a bit boring rather quickly as the first wave you meet you meet again later in the level, as the exact same patterns repeated, meaning the way you moved earlier, you can use again.

The sound is ok with some good music and good sounding weapon, but overall there is really nothing to recommend this. The whole game feels a bit disjointed and slap dash. Its all right but I'd rather play something else.

Like R-TYPE.