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Miner 2049er

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Released: 1982

Genre: Platformer

Format reviewed: Colecovision

Publisher: Big Five Software

Developer: Bill Hogue/Micro Fun

Submitted by: Paul Buhagiar

Ah, Bounty Bob, where do we start? it must have been 1985. I was off school sick but persueded my dad to but me a cartridge (my parents were divorced, so I played them off each other…) it worked and I was soon taking off the shrink wrap of a brand new Miner 2049er cart on the Colecovison.

 This game was gorgeous looking (my mates all had 2600's!) but it was rock hard. I remember it took me forever to clear the first screen! I got better with time, and while my cartridge collection grew, I always returned to Miner 2049.

 In 1987 the colecovision was sold to finance a C64 disk dirve, which was great, but I did feel a sense of loss. I tried the C64 version, but it was very pale in comparisson. However, I recently bought a colecovison off ebay, and the first game I slotted in? Yep, miner 2049er.

Best first generation console game ever!