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Moon Cresta

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Released: 1985

Publisher: Incentive

Developer: Incentive

Submitted by: Ian Marks

Ahhh Cresta. Do you remember Cresta pop, it was advertised by a cool bear (you could tell he was cool because he had shades on). He also spoke a bit like the Fonz, and told you the drink was ‘frothy man’.

Moon Cresta for the Spectrum has no connection with the soft drink at all, I just thought I’d start with that to make my review seem post modern ironic or something. Anyway onto what the game was like.

Moon Cresta was a conversion of an arcade game, although at the time not an arcade game I’d ever heard of, or seen, or played. Subsequently I’ve used MAME to play the original and it proves one thing. That the Spectrum version ain’t half bad.

In the game you pilot a ship that looks a bit like a wedding cake initially. But then splits up. As you survive waves you get bits of your ship back until it looks like a wedding cake again. As everyone knows wedding cakes provide you with better fire power (5 lasers in all), so that was your aim. Lose a life and you could never regain your cool patisserie  craft again. In other words you were knackered.

Interestingly there was a bit of Lunar Lander involved too, to get your ship upgrades you had to dock with the next bit by judicious use of the thrust control. It was quite tricky, and often resulted in you unfairly losing a life. To me it seemed like a step too far, with you already busting a gut to shoot the aliens, now you had to wrestle with your own spacecraft too.

The aliens were varied, looking like paisley patterns, snowflakes, comets, amoebas,  vice clamps and many other bizarre things. Those sneaky aliens disguising their ships, if only they looked like spaceships we might stand more chance.

Go on, take a trip to the Spectrum Space War, it’s quite a good game actually, playing a bit like Galaxians. You can bet your life that cool bear from the 1970’s soft drink adverts is playing it, unless that is a lifetime of cheap pop has led him to an early grave….