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Released: 1983

Genre: Strategy

Format reviewed: Atari 8-bit

Publisher: Electronic Arts

Developer: Dani Bunten

Submitted by: German Gonzalez

One of the first strategy and economic games, where you shouldn't jump or shoot someone/something to win.

Nice music, simple graphics plus great game rules where the thinking was over arcade attributes. You are a colonist in the planet Irata only with the help of M.U.L.E.'s (Multiple Use Labor Element) taking land to harvest later one of the four elements (energy, food, smithore and crystite). Depending on many parameters as type of land, nature's phenomena and pirates! that occur will impact the planet's economic playing with the basic supply and demand curve .

Good humour, multiplayer up to four players (only in the Atari 800), imaginative
characters, unforgettable intro music, funny events that also affect each player once a while and the one of the best features: “Auction” where depending on how many products left you may sell or buy crushing the market and almost doing monopoly thus belonging the planet.

It has a small of arcade taste when catching the hidden wampus up in the mountains, you need time left to do it and probably finishing the day on the betting in the Pub.

A top classic game where Bunten created the genre of strategy games for home computers.