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Myth: History In The Making

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Released: 1989

Genre: Platformer

Format reviewed: Amstrad CPC

Publisher: System 3 Publishing

Submitted by: Mark Bartholomew

An absolute classic from the varied library of Amstrad software, Myth took the player on an exciting journey through various time periods in history and unearthed the legends and myths (hence the title!) connected to them. Spanning 5 huge stages, the game consisted of the player battling hordes of dangerous creatures including Vikings, demons, mummies, ghosts and skeletons all the while trying to solve the numerous puzzles impeding progress AND having to contend with some nasty bosses. These fiends would usually require a certain weapon to make them drop, these being cunningly hidden about the game’s platform based levels. Once defeated, you would need to grab the magical orbs and thus advance to the next stage…..not easy!!

The classic staples of the adventure game were all present and correct such as treasure chests containing useful items, numerous weapons to utilise, a sprawling game world and of course, plenty of devious traps to catch you out and rob you of precious energy. Initially you would become stumped with some of the puzzles, but there were always handy hints lurking throughout the levels and the game manual offered a few tips too!

Though small, the Amstrad’s graphics were superbly animated for the time. A classic case in point was the way the reanimated skeletons of the first level would pop out of the ground, look around, then advance on you with sword and shield ready. Should you have the fireballs handy, they’d explode in a shower of bones, with their skulls becoming a collectible item required to summon a demon. It was these neat little touches that made the game so much fun to play, and I have some very fond memories of battling Medusa and a multi headed Hydra. And who could forget finally obtaining the Ankh on the Egyptian level and discovering that you could conveniently refill your lives and health bar in the temple?

Sadly, there was no music at all throughout the game and aside from a few clangs, crashes and explosions, the game remained largely silent throughout. Ambient perhaps, but a few snatches of themed music wouldn’t have gone amiss.

Overall though, the game was a joy to play, and finally cracking each level with the required amount of orbs, weapons and magical items in tow did help to massage your gamer’s ego just a tad. Dig this out on emulator (or if you can nab a copy dirt cheap!) and experience the Myth!

However, I’ve always wondered why the box art seemed to depict Marty McFly from Back to the Future, holding a sword against a backdrop of various monsters though? =)