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Nazo no Murasamejou

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Released: 1986

Genre: Adventure

Format reviewed: Famicom Disc System

Publisher: Nintendo

Submitted by: old skoolrc

Nazo no Murasamejou is a great title and I am surprised it was never released onto the Nes. The gameplay is similar to Zelda in terms of the top down perspective however, its a fast-paced linear action game with time limits rather than an adventure puzzle solving game.

You guide Takamaru (Samurai Warrior) through levels fighting your way through monsters and ninjas collecting your enemy’s weapons in order to enter the Palace to battle the Boss.  Some weapons are only limited use so you need to be very sensible as they will help you through levels–don’t rely on your Samurai sword too much!!  Once you have defeated the Bosses of the four Palaces and collected their orbs you will then face Murasame (the final Boss) in his Palace.

The graphics and sound are good for this early Famicom Disk System title, I especially like the music in the game, progress can be saved onto the disk.  Because of the limited use of power ups it makes this game very challenging as it will encourage you to use your skill rather than just rely on power ups all the time. Hopefully Nazo no Murasamejou will receive attention on the Wii Virtual Console in the future, the game deserves recognition!!!