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Neptune's Daughters

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Released: 1983

Genre: Shoot-’em-up

Format reviewed: Atari 8-bit

Publisher: English Software

Developer: Michael Hedley

Submitted by: Shaun Scott

One of the earliest Atari 800 games I played.

Type in the name of the game into Google and you’ll get very little information. Released in 1983 by one of the few faithful Atari supporters (English Software). The game saw you as a diver trying to rescue a girl trapped by a sea serpent and involved you shooting an octopus and underwater plant life amongst other foes. Air supply was limited and you had to clear the screen before your oxygen ran out. A very, very short game which loops continuously with shorter time limits, still I played this game for hours on end (though that may have because I had little else to play at the time!).

Graphics and sound are what you may expect for an early release but don’t hamper the gameplay. Controls are good although collision detection is a little iffy. The game gets almost impossibly difficult later on but for Atari 800 fans it’s certainly worth a play!