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Nifty Lifty

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Released: 1984

Genre: Platformer

Format reviewed: ZX Spectrum

Publisher: Visions

Developer: Kevin J Bezant

Submitted by: Steven Bryson

Back in medieval times (the mid to late 80s) , my mate and I were the luckiest kids on the whole scheme because we owned ZX Spectrums replete with a copy of Nifty Lifty each. I say copy because mine was an actual copy .Of his one.

Anyway , the thing I remember the most about this title was the addictiveness of it all with your goal being simply to guide your little avatar from one side of the screen to the other avoiding the lifts that would glide up and down the centre of the screen. Once you had successfully navigated your way through one set of lifts you were then tasked with navigating through some more faster ones. And that's it .As most of us know here simplicity is the true key to a good retro game and this had it in spades. There are no buttons necessary for this one folks , the ability to waggle your joystick right and then left is the only requirement , making this the second most fun thing you can do one-handed.

I'd like to tell you more about this game but information is rather thin on the ground. Seemingly it was a pack in with a few other games sold with Speccy's bought from Currys and the cover is just a grey inlay with the title written in black , well in keeping with the no frills attitude the makers of this fine title obviously had.

The important thing is that this is still a fun game to play and when I booted it up on the emulator a small crowd (okay , 2 people) formed around me wanting a shot of it. You can't buy that kind of appeal no matter how big modern gaming budgets get , and incidentally , you'd be hard pushed to find a copy of this to buy these days either. Thankfully the rom is easily obtainable , good news for those of us who taped over their last copy of Nifty with Vanilla Ice's To The Extreme. What an album.