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Night Stalker

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Released: 1982

Genre: Shoot-’em-up

Format reviewed: Intellivision

Publisher: Mattel

Developer: Mattel

Submitted by: Ash H

Well you have gone and done it again. You're stuck in a maze and ther doesn't seem to be a way out. Worse thing is you are not alone.

Night Stalker is a single screen game where the player starts in a cell. The first thing he needs to do is arm himself. Somewhere in here is a gun with six bullets in it. Lurking in the maze are a couple of bats that can poison you for a couple of seconds. Also a giant spider the size of you can do the same thing. But there is also a robot around the corner, this can fire bullets to.

Once your six bullets have been used, another gun will appear. The chances are it will be nowhere near your curent position. Slowly the robot will follow you around the maze. Shoot the robot and after a few seconds another comes along to take it's place. But after killing this robot half a dozen times, a different and faster one appears. Then after that another one appears and this will take a couple of shots to destroy as it has shields. Oh and shoot enough bat and more robots take their place .

Night Stalker has this sound a bit like a heartbeat as you play the game. It gives the game some atmosphere and tension. It can be quite slow going and you find your interest will fade away. But you can do alot worse for 1982.