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Ninja Mission

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Released: 1987

Genre: Platformer

Format reviewed: Atari ST

Publisher: Mastertronic

Developer: Sculptured

Submitted by: Gavin Miller

On the 8-bit formats this game is known as Ninja but the graphically superior ports for the Amiga and Atari ST are known as Ninja Mission. The game is about a ninja who must battle his way up several floors defeating anyone in his way

There is a huge amount of moves to find including a sword which does a good amount of damage. Weapons sometimes litter the ground such as knifes and shurikens and can prove very useful for attacking opponents from a distance.  Whenever you enter a room throw a few weapons at your enemy before they have time to react, this can take a huge chunk off their life bar giving you a good advantage. When throwing the knife it spins as it glides through the air and only does damage if the blade end hits your opponent renduring it sometimes useless.

There are 3 different types of enemy. The thug isn't to much trouble followed the the karateka. The evil ninja is by far the hardest opponent as he has the same skills as you including throwing weapons and striking his sword. In the later rooms you enter you may come across 2 to 3 enemies at once which requires a bit of skill to pass. Red idols appear in random rooms which give you a much needed full health bar which you will definately need in the later part of the game.

Music plays an important part. After entering each room a gong sounds and the music turns off. All thats left is the bone crunching sound effects then as soon as your opponent drops and the room is clear the music starts up until your ninja enters the next room. It's a catchy tune and stands out as a great game feature.

If you like ninja's, add this game to your ST collection.