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Oddjob Eddie

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Released: 1985

Genre: Platformer

Format reviewed: ZX Spectrum

Publisher: Strobe

Developer: Harry Price

Submitted by: Lee Tatlock

Odd job Eddie is apparent the king of DIY according to the instructional thread that runs across the bottom of the title screen. Yup it’s another obscure platformer in the vein of Manic Miner that I’m completely potty about. This time you take on the roll of the awesome Edward who must enter the inside of a TV and fix it up so we can get on with playing our favourite games! To achieve this worthy goal you must mooch about the wire-strewn rooms of this cathode-ray kingdom where you will find Eddie’s tools, without which the telly will remain in a state of disrepair.

So it’s pixel perfect jumping and enemy dodging skills galore that you’ll be needing to traverse the perilous world around you, and although it’s not as tough as a lot of games of it’s ilk it is still quite a challenge. But fear ye not my pixel pushing brethren as well as Eddie’s tools there are a good few extra lives scattered around, but you’ve got to get to them first which can be a bit of problem. Enemies galore will be blocking your path to righteousness and they come in their usual droves and unusual forms, from mini TV’s within TV’s with little manic looking characters scampering around their screens, spray cans squirting out their non-ozone friendly, CFC rich, 80’s gases and even danger skulls which moan (in movement but not in sound) as they manoeuvre. But not only are the denizens of the telly against you you’re also on the clock as it appears there is only a limited air supply within the confines of the tube. With all these stumbling blocks it’s going to be a skull crushingly difficult repair job but if anyone can do it’s Eddie, with your help of course.

All in all it’s a little run of the mill at times but that’s the nature of these games, however there are also enough nice touches to make fans of the genre sit up and take note, and once again, yes, I love it!