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Olli and Lissa III: The Candlelight Adventure

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Released: 1989

Genre: Adventure

Format reviewed: ZX Spectrum

Publisher: Cartoon Time

Developer: Ionis Software

Submitted by: Lee Tatlock

Olli and Lisa 3: The Candlelight Adventure is perhaps, at least story wise, the least inventive of the series, not to mention the last! NOOOO! This time round Olli’s car has been disassembled by the horrid little monsters that inhabit Shilmoore Castle. Your job is to search the castle for car parts with nothing but your candle, at first, to aid you on your way. So if Olli wants to take Lissa out for a delightful moonlit picnic you’d better get on with pimping your ride. As soon as the game starts you can choose your car type and which colour you’d like it in which is a nice touch, and you’ll see your mean machine of choice parked in the castle garage.

As the adventure begins you’ll notice the now familiar slots for items at the bottom of the screen and your health which is now represented by a beating heart. Along the way you can pick up a spanner for mounting parts to your car which you’ll find with the help of a magnifying glass pick up. You can also find extra lives, energy and immunity potions scattered around to make your quest a little less stressful. Again the graphics are bold and filled with detail and Olli is as full of character as he’s ever been, looking like a lanky version of Berk from trapdoor he’s bursting with sweet aesthetic touches. My only problem lies in the fact that a lot of the castle looks so similar it’s often difficult to find your way around without the aid of a map. Having said that there are tons of neat little props and suitably spooky looking knickknacks lying around, it’s just that the limited graphical prowess of the machine means there’s a lot of repeated bits and bobs, still those bits and bobs are all beautifully drawn by people who obviously know how to push a pixel or two.

It’s a great finale to a brilliant trilogy that finally caught the attention of Codemasters and got the send off it deserved on their Cartoon Time label.