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Olli & Lissa: Halloween

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Released: 1987

Genre: Adventure

Format reviewed: ZX Spectrum

Publisher: Silverbird

Developer: Ionis Software

Submitted by: Lee Tatlock

Olli and Lissa II: Halloween is another platformer/collect-‘em-up only this time a cooking accident has messed up the castle and you take control of a little witch, a friend of Olli, Lissa and Sir Humphrey’s, who must fly around on her broomstick and put all the items back in their place in time for Olli and Lisa to make it to some Halloween celebrations. It’s not going to be an easy task as Shilmoore Castle seems to have had a few extensions since the dynamic duo’s first outing, in fact if you can find a map of the game it is set up like an actual twin turreted castle and looks rather impressive in it’s entirety, but are these extensions to the detriment of the game or does it only expand on the solid foundations of the series? Read on and find out!

The first thing that hit you about the original Olli and Lissa was the absolutely magnificent graphics so surely this sizable sequel, having to spread its graphical prowess over more rooms, has taken a bit of a knock in this department. Well no, actually, it’s still a beautiful affair with well placed, detailed, props and great little characters knocking about the dusty corridors and haunted rooms of the castle.

Flying around on a broom adds a new dimension of play and works really well, you can tell time has been spent tweaking the movement so it doesn’t fall foul of the flimsiness of something like Cauldron. It is this finely tuned gameplay that shines through in the series as a whole and makes it the collective gem that it is, so you can be sure that collecting and placing items with your magic wand is an equally sweet experience.

With all this goodness taken into account surely there has to be something wrong? Well it is a lot more difficult than the original outing but this only a problem if you’re a bit of a wuss who’s gone soft on save points and continues. All in all it’s another winner.