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Operation Thunderbolt

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Released: 1989

Genre: Shoot-’em-up

Format reviewed: Amstrad CPC

Publisher: Ocean

Developer: Taito

Submitted by: Ash H

Your mission is simple enough. Civilians have been taken hostage and its up to you and a partner if you wish to rescue them. Operation Thunderbolt is the sequel to Operation Wolf which was a great arcade game and very good conversion for the cpc.

The aim of the game is exactly that, aim and shoot. There are seven levels in the African jungle to get through. In some stages the screen scrolls towards you as you advance along a road or in a boat. In other levels the screen scrolls horizontally as you raid a bunker. The final two stages will test your aim as you have to rescue a plane then a pilot.

On each level every man and his dog will be doing what they can to stop you. Soldiers will quickly fill the screen. Some shoot and some will throw grenades or knives at you which you can shoot to stop them doing damage to you. Vehicles such as helicopters also appear and they need a few shots to destroy or a well aimed rocket. With so many enemy your energy bar will quickly go down. Every so often falling from the top of the screen health pods will drop, these need to be shot so you can continue your mission. Also look out for ammo and rockets as your non stop shooting will deplete what you carry. These too need to be shot.

Operation Thunderbolt is just about as good as Wolf was. The added bonus is this time you can take part with someone else. With one eye on what you are doing and one eye on your mate as both of you look out for that extra ammo and health. The game looks, sounds and plays just as well as the first one and is a decent enough sequel. It's fast and it's anarchy although all you do is shoot, nothing else. One small downer is that it's hard to see where you are aiming. Other than that, if you need to let off some steam this the game to do it.