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Released: 1982

Genre: Adventure

Format reviewed: ZX Spectrum

Publisher: Automata

Developer: Mel Croucher

Submitted by: Alex Reeves

This adventure game for the Spectrum was remarkable for 2 reasons. 

Firstly, it featured the mascot of Automata UK, the Piman, who appeared regularly, I believe for around 3 years, on the back of Popular Computing Weekly as an advert / comic strip.  Secondly, the game itself was launched with a flurry of press activity due to the prize on offer for solving the clues hidden game.  The prize itself was the golden sundial of Pi, worth £6000.

3 years later, after many accusations that the prize never existed and it was all a publicity scam, the dundial was found on the 22nd of July 1985 (22/7 = 3.142 = Pi) at Hindover Hill in East Sussex, and subsequently bought back by Automata.

The game itself is a bizzare puzzler featuring the long nosed Piman, full of lateral thinking puzzles and vague clues.  It really wasn't much of an adventure at all, just a series of puzzles to get to theclues themselves.

Less a great game, more a great retro game memory from a time when British companies were exploring different ways to interact with gamers.