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Power Drift

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Released: 1989

Genre: Racing

Format reviewed: Commodore 64

Publisher: Activision

Developer: Chris Butler

Submitted by: Felix Black

Power Drift blazed onto my humble C64 in 1989 via a free tape demo on the front cover of Zzap! magazine.  It never left my tape deck until the full game was duly snapped up upon its release.  

A race to the finish over a delightful variety of undulating tracks against a 12-strong field of wacky racers, the Sega coin-up was somehow shoe-horned into the old beige box.

It represented a tour-de-force for the C64 in every way. Featuring blistering graphics with large, colourful and chunky sprites careering past to the funky, delicious in-game music.

A real sense of having an arcade experience at home was achieved. The wonderful selection of courses and drivers topped off a sublime piece of C64 programming.

C64 Power Drift still plays, looks and sounds superb even today.  A stonkingly splendid game which provides true Sega arcade racing thrills and spills on the C64 and no mistake….