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Released: 1982

Genre: Adventure

Format reviewed: Atari 8-bit

Publisher: Adventure International

Developer: Russ Wetmore

Submitted by: Michal Mozejko

Russ Wetmore's first take on Frogger – although more froggerish than the sequel, don't expect straightforward clone. The game's biggest surprise is how much a programmer's personal touch can affect the simple gameplay – take the main protagonist, preppy Wadsworth Overcash, his polo shirt with a little alligator on it, his task of recovering the golf balls – all that in Wetmore's trademark color palette and catchy tunes, and while the game mechanics are still based on the same principles, its different approach stands out of the average 'frogger-clone' genre trash.
The world created in two Preppie! games is charming and addictive – graphically they have a bit of 'supercuteness' especially when you compare them to other games of that period, and a bit of that psychedelic touch which was a popular ingredient in that era of computer programming – mixed with simple, fast gameplay. What you can also find, is that it's fun to lose a life, especially on the motorway 🙂
Looks way better on actual TV screen with Atari 800 plugged, but you can still give it a try on emulator – you shouldn't be dissapointed.