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Released: 1984

Publisher: Mr Micro Ltd

Developer: Evan Parton

Submitted by: Andy H

Punchy is a clone of Hunchback, but instead of Quasimodo you control Bobby the Policeman and the villan is Punch himself.  Your goal is to rescue Judy who’s been locked up at the end of screen 16.

The graphics are great for the Vic-20.  A mixture of multicolour and high resolution modes, the game screen is very colourful.  The characters (mostly Bobby) move smoothly and the controls are reasonably responsive.

Punchy is a much better game than the official Hunchback, but is incredibly difficult and unforgiving.  The fact you only start with three lives is punishment enough, especially as once your lives are up it’s back to the very beginning.

Success in Punchy is all about learning how to beat each screen.  Jumping is usually the essential move to figure out the timing to jump the fireball, or to land on the flying carpet or to avoid getting a spike up the bottom.  Learning the timing can be difficult as you’ve got to make your way through all the previous screens to put that practice in.  After a while this gets tedious and its easy to start making mistakes.

Despite the difficulty it is an entertaining game, just not one you’ll play for too long.

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