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Questprobe featuring The Hulk

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Released: 1984

Genre: Adventure

Format reviewed: Commodore 16/Plus4

Publisher: Adventure International

Developer: Brian Howarth / Scott Adams

Submitted by: Clarance Frank

“Due to memory restrictions a full parser has not been implemented on this version”. Well fair enough, that could have been a problem if I knew what a parser was – something to do with parcels, probably… “C16 and BBC versions are text only.”Well that wasn't good at all, those screen shots on the back of the box, well that's all I would be getting, but we'll live with it. After all, those Infocom adventures are text only aren't they, and they're dead posh – come on a disk and everything. And on the plus side, Hulk's packaging was pretty cool – a big cardboard box with the cassette nestled neatly inside a polystyrene insert, and carefully placed in between the box and the inner was a mini Marvel comic – Questprobe #1.

Now quite why Mater and Pater had chosen to gift me Hulk for Christmas'85 I really couldn't say – I'd never shown any interest in superheroes before, didn't read the comics, in fact the whole Marvel thing left me a little cold – although I did dig the music at the end of each episode of Hulk on TV, maybe that was the reason… …. oh, hang on, what's this on the back of the box? – “Much more than an arcade game and recommended by educators around the world…”. Ah, now I understand…

So there I was, staring at a screen of text. Bruce Banner was tied to a chair as I remember – he spent several days struggling in that chair as well before I read the instruction leaflet – 'bite lip' being the 'obvious' solution to that one. So I struggled through the adventure, started reading those strange sections of computer magazines devoted to 'the adventurer', picked up a few tips, and even tried to make a map – but in Hulk that's not so easy – I won't spoil the game here, but it's rather impractical to map Hulk, and my memory is somewhat fuzzy right now…

I Still haven't managed to get more than half the way through Hulk – bite lip….