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Revenge Of The Gator

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Released: 1989

Genre: Strategy

Format reviewed: Game Boy

Publisher: HAL Laboratory

Developer: HAL Laboratory

Submitted by: Alex Holmes

You know what I like best about this game?  The fact that I nicked it.  And not just that, I nicked it from the girl at school whos dad was the teacher everyone disliked, the type who handed out detentions like they were going out of fashion.  Plus he was the only teacher who actually enforced the "im sending a letter home telling your parents you've got cigarettes on you" threat. 

As a pinball fan, I really like this game.  Fair enough its got its problems, the ball judders as its rolling down the flipper, which makes aiming shots somewhat tricky, the music grates after a while and some targets are crammed too close together, but on the whole, its not a bad attempt.

As the name suggests, this is an alligaor themed pinball game, and points are scored in the usual ways; including clearing drop targets, shooting ramps and hitting bumpers.  The main table itself is quite well designed and spans three screens, and has plenty to keep players occupied.  The main feature is the spinner in the top right of the highest screen, which when passed through, activates a fruit machine game, which can award a points bonus or alligator bumpers which hold the ball in the top screen.

There are several other screens which can be accessed through opening a gate in the top screen or landing a shot in the mouth of one of the three alligators positioned in the lower area.  These have a nice mini game feel and include challenges such as clearing blocks by flipping the ball at them, which feels a little like breakout.

The ball physics are good, and have a nice "real" pinball feel.  And overall its a fairly good game.  Not the best pinball video game ever, but certainly not the worst.