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Released: 1984

Genre: Racing

Format reviewed: BBC Micro

Publisher: Acornsoft

Developer: Geoff Crammond

Submitted by: Ian Marks

When I first saw Revs I was overcome with one emotion… jealousy! What a fantastic game, and it still looks good when played with modern eyes. Why jealousy though? Because I had a Spectrum and it was on the BBC B. So not content with having the best version of the best game ever (Elite), Beeb owners now had a racing car game infinitely better than anything on my micro.

And it was better by some distance. My friend had a BBC B and I would go round to his house solely to play this. The way your car moved was silky smooth, the way the other cars moved was just wonderful to watch. The Spectrum equivalent Chequered Flag was ok but it had no other cars on the track, no-one to compete against. This was a fully grown up racing game. I pestered my parents for a BBC for weeks (to no avail though).

In my eyes the best part… the absolute best part was that you had to start the engine! And once started you could stall the engine. For a child whose only ambition was to be 17 and pass his driving test this was heaven. It really was like actually driving a car.

Not content with all the above, it also was a joy to play and race the other cars. The AI was remarkably good and it felt like you were racing real opponents. Revs was the complete racing package.

After this Mr. Crammond would make F1 Grand Prix for the PC, right up to Grand Prix 4. They all share that attention to detail that Revs had, and because of that they all share the fact they are fantastically playable even to this day.