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Released: 1988

Genre: Platformer

Format reviewed: ZX Spectrum

Publisher: Martech

Developer: The Light

Submitted by: Gnome KD

In Rex, a very Metroid-esque platform-shooter sort of a game, players assumed the role of, well, Rex, a heavily armored anthropomorphic rhino with a certain passion for ecology, and set off to rid his (their?) home-planet from a huge polluting factory-tower-fortress thing. Actually, make that a huge, cavernous, impressively non-linear factory-tower-fortress thing and you'll have managed a way more accurate description.

Now, in order to survive said treacherous fortress thing players had to be more than skillful, as this was another traditionally difficult 8-bit game. To be fair though, Rex did provide with quite a few power-ups, occasionally a shield and some almost fairly placed respawn points, that actually did help. What's more, as the game was divided into two huge parts, there was a brilliant code-based save system in place to help gamers avoid playing through the first bit all over again. Impressively, said code system even managed to pass on information regarding Rex's health & ammo status.

As for the graphics, well, they were nice, colourful and detailed, and quite wisely designed to avoid as much colour-clash as possible. Sounds, on the other hand, were kept to a minimum with only a few effects. Obviously no music was featured.

The gameplay, what truly matters, of course, was brilliant and immensely addictive. Otherwise, I guess, I wouldn't be battling my way through Rex all over again…