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Rocket Man Mike

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Released: 1985

Genre: Adventure

Format reviewed: ZX Spectrum

Publisher: Your Computer

Developer: Karl Jeffery

Submitted by: Lee Tatlock

Rocket Man Mike: an odd title that plays like a cross between Caves of Doom and Mutant Monty. The objective is to fly through a maze of screens collecting a pile of cleverly placed diamonds. After that you’ve completed the game and Rocket Man Mike is off on…well I don’t know where he went, he was another little known character who disappeared up his own bottom. crying shame or sweet, wet, mercy sent from god? Well that depends on how much you dig this type of room by room, collect ‘em up style game, I, as you can probably tell from my other reviews, love them but I know that they sit in the ‘Meh’ zone for a lot of other people. So is there anything that sets this one apart from the throng? Well yes and no. Firstly the controls are a little strange, and by strange I mean fiddly and annoying. If you press left or right Mike continues in that direction till he hits a wall or an enemy. Of course you can stop this but it becomes a bit of a hassle while your trying to dodge an enemy, fly upwards and collect a gem.

You can get used to the controls with practice but it’s a case of do you want to? There are better games than RMM but it does have its charms. The levels are good, and the maze like structure that leads from screen to screen mean that your quest is going to be an interesting back and forth affair.

As far as graphics go Mike is well constructed enough, as are the numerous environments. The enemies on offer are surreal, as is usual for this type of game, and come bearing many faces such as disembodied feet, alien peardrops, living fire and creepy alien heads, to name a few. Each screen is named and has it’s own feel, which is something I always appreciate. All in all it’s pretty average, but ultimately playable, romp