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Released: 1985

Publisher: Mastertronic

Developer: M Srebalius

Submitted by: Clarance Frank

Ricky Rockman is his name, collecting diamonds is his aim… Well, It’s great work if you can get it. Unfortunately it’s not quite that simple for Ricky Rockman.  What probably isn’t mentioned in the job description are the various hazards that await out hero in the many rock mines that are to be explored.

Firstly, Ricky has to be aware of falling rocks as he digs his way through the caverns. Dig under one of them and loiter for a second and its goodbye Rockman (and will his family receive any compensation for this work related incident; well there’s no mention of any in the instructions). More problems Ricky is likely to encounter come in the shape of the monsters that make the diamond mines their home. Now they don’t take kindly to having their natural habitat ripped apart, and so at every available opportunity they will chase and kill the diamond collector as he goes about his work. It’s a health and safety nightmare.

But Rockman wants those diamonds, and so all baddies must be eradicated, given half a chance. Rockman can achieve this by causing a landslide of boulders and hoping that: A. he can get away from said landslide in time and; B. the monsters are stupid enough to follow him to their deaths (which they invariably do, not to bright these creatures of the dark).

Once our hero (who for some reason chooses to wear what appears to be a night-cap – maybe a hard-hat would be more appropriate; just a thought Mr.Rockman) has collected all the diamonds in the cavern he can access an exit and move on to another cavern…

Rockman is a Boulderdash clone (did you guess?) which involves a bit of thinking and patience to achieve any kind of success. The control of Rockman is tricky, as his movement isn’t as responsive as it could be. This coupled with a strict time limit makes Rockman almost impossibly difficult, which is a shame as the presentation and in game music are impressive, and the game looks good. A case of ‘nearly but not quite’ for Rockman.