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Saboteur II: Avenging Angel

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Released: 1987

Genre: Adventure

Format reviewed: Commodore 64

Publisher: Durell Software

Developer: Clive Townsend

Submitted by: Martin Green

The ninja hero of the original Saboteur game has been killed, and his sister Nina is out to avenge this injustice. She has an array of kung-fu moves on offer, and must put them to use through 700 screens of action. The game design is very similar to the original, right down to the unusual background graphical style. The sections of the game are on multiple levels, separated mainly by ladders, and with lots of weapons and ammunition to pick up along the way. To beat the game you'll have to collect tapes and collect a 14-part computer code.

The enemy’s command centre and office complex is being built on top of a mountain filled with underground tunnels and caverns. An armoury building is on the top left of the mountain, a missile silo is on the top right, while the central top area is still being developed; there is only one way out of the mountain, which is the long entrance tunnel on the bottom left.

There are nine missions of increasing difficulty level, each with more objectives (such as collecting more pieces of punched tape, or having to disable an electrified perimeter fence protecting the tunnel):

1: Rin (Strength of mind and body)
2: Kyo (Direction of energy)
3: Toh (Harmony with the universe)
4: Sha (Healing of self and others)
5: Kai (Premonition of danger)
6: Jin (Knowing the thoughts of others)
7: Retsu (Mastery of time and space)
8: Zai (Control of nature's elements)
9: Zen (Enlightement)