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Released: 1985

Genre: Adventure

Format reviewed: ZX Spectrum

Publisher: Durell

Developer: Clive Townsend

Submitted by: Crispian Driver

Before Metal Gear Solid, this was the original stealth game. Believe me, this incredible game has a lot in common with Metal Gear. You play a ninja that has to infiltrate a warehouse that's really a Security Complex, find a disk, plant a bomb and escape by helicopter. The Warehouse has cameras that fire bullets, guards and guard dogs the latter two you can kill if you choose to, like Metal Gear stealth with Guards certainly helped, if you sneaked up on a guard you could kill him, if you killed him with a kick or punch you got more money. The dogs needed to be killed by a brick or one of the various but limited throwable items around the Warehouse, you got no money for killing these but it made the game alot easier. The game had a large playing area, and you would have to travel on two underground trains to navigate the complex properly. If i remember correctly, it had nine difficulty levels which mainly involved closing more areas off and the ninja having to find and push the correct lever to open the screen. Saboteur was another game that was best dealt with a screen at a time, remembering which screens had dogs, guards and cameras paid dividends.

My brother was one of the first to complete this game, and i can vividly remember him shouting and cheering when he done so, he achieved it quite quickly after it's release.

The game made very good use of the Spectrums limited colours and played well in more or less monochrome, i enjoyed the beepy tune on the title screen. The game also played very well on keyboard and curser keys. All in all, one of the Speccies best games, an absolute classic, forget Solid Snake think Saboteur Ninja.