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Samantha Fox Strip Poker

11,083 views 3 comments

Released: 1986

Genre: Strategy

Format reviewed: ZX Spectrum

Publisher: Martech

Developer: Martech

Submitted by: Ian Marks

They don’t make games like this anymore… thank goodness. If they did it’d be Kerry Katona Strip Monopoly, or Lucy Pinder Strip Cluedo. The basic principle behind it seems to have been, take a game that clearly could have been written in BASIC (in fact my friend Peter wrote quite a good Poker game on the BBC as his O Level Computer Studies project – it didn’t have stripping in it though… that wouldn’t have gone down well with the Cambridge exam board), anyway take that game and stick some bad photos of an awful celebrity into it. Doesn’t that sound like a winning formula.

Sam Fox was not a quality celebrity, even in the 80’s. Mostly famous for having a big chest and a small brain, she was beloved of Sun readers and pubescent boys everywhere.

I remember going to the Computer Fair at Earls Court in the middle eighties and seeing the crowds of 14 and 15 year old boys queuing to get their free poster advertising the game. I was quite happy with my Silver Ocean carrier bags full of tat, and free Durrell demo cassettes of Thanatos, but it takes all sorts.

Of course I never played this game…no I never did… I did have a (cough) friend who played it though, and he said it was crap. So I’ll (ahem) tell you how he felt it played.

Essentially it was poker. You bet some money and if you won then Sam took an item of clothing off. I’m not sure if you were supposed to take an item of clothing off if you lost, and I’ve often wondered if some people did do that (to be honest I haven’t wondered that much), not a pretty sight I’m sure.

The Spectrum wasn’t really made for digitized graphics, 256×192 pixels doesn’t make for photo realism. And to tell the truth the picture of Sam with all her clothes on didn’t look any different to the picture without any clothes on. It’s just a mess of black and white pixels. Did anyone ever get excited playing this game. I really hope not, otherwise they probably have mental health issues.

Did it play a good game of Poker I hear you ask (or not). I have no idea, as I’m not really a poker player. It played ‘a’ game of poker, but it was probably a crap one.

I’m sure many little boys sneaked copies of this game into their house under cover of darkness, and played it when their mum was out. I could never see the point myself. If you were really that bothered about seeing our Sam without her top on, you could have bought the Sun for 20p, which at least had a picture you could make out detail on.

My secret confession is I did have a copy of this game at the time… I tape to taped it from my (cough) friend, just to see what the fuss was about. I played it once. So including emulation, I’ve now played it twice…. And no I’m not proud of that fact.