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Shark! Shark!

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Released: 1982

Genre: Adventure

Format reviewed: Intellivision

Publisher: Mattel

Developer: Mattel

Submitted by: Ash H

In Shark! Shark! you play as a small fish in the deep ocean. But you don't want to stay small for long, there are many other creatures out there who will see you as a light snack.

At the start all you can do is eat fish the same size as you. Eat enough of these and reach 1000 points and you grow in size. Now you are able to eat slightly larger fish too. You can grow in size about five times, each time you also get an extra life and once you reach full size, you just get extra lives after that and so on.

It's not just fish in the ocean that you come across, all kinds of sea creatures live in the blue. Along the seabed crabs and lobsters reach out for you whatever size you may be. Later on as you gain points and size, jellyfish appear ready to sting you. These will all eat eachother but they all get out of the way of one thing, the shark. No creature can eat the shark but clever players can bite his tail and swim off quickly. Big points are awarded for doing this. The more you progress though, the quicker the shark becomes.

Shark! Shark! is a colourful game. The fish and other creatures come in all shapes, colours and sizes. When the shark appears a suitable sound lets you know. But as with these early games, it can soon get a bit dull. All you can do is rack up points and run out of lives as it gets faster and harder. A bit of history though as it was co-programmed by a woman, one of the first in the business.