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Sir Lancelot

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Released: 1984

Genre: Platformer

Format reviewed: Amstrad CPC

Publisher: Melbourne House

Developer: Studio B

Submitted by: Ash H

Sir Lancelot is a platform game from the very early stages of the cpc's life. The graphics are very basic but that doesn't stop this from being an enjoyable platformer.

You play as Sir Lancelot and have 24 rooms to explore. In each room there is a set amount of items to pick up. You start off in Merlin's magic teleport chamber and can visit any of the other rooms by picking up the item for it. Once all items are collected an exit will light up and it's back to the teleport chamber to choose another room. But don't take too long, you have limited time to complete each room.

There are monsters in each of the rooms apart from the chamber which you can only avoid. There is no shooting, all you can do is watch their set patterns and navigate around them. Controls are simply left, right and jump. All rooms have ladders which you can only travel upwards and that is about it. As said, this game came out very early and the graphics and sound are basic. Despite this there is some fun platform action to be had here.