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Skool Daze

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Released: 1985

Genre: Adventure

Format reviewed: Commodore 64

Publisher: Moby Games

Submitted by: James Evans

Instantly screaming originality – you take charge of Eric – a school boy who has to get his report card out of the headmasters safe before he accrues 10,000 lines.

The bell rings and you find yourself working your way around the school, beating up and sling shotting the other kids as you try to hit the shields dotted around the different lesson rooms. After this task (and it is a difficult one!) you have to knock over each teacher who reveals a password letter. Once decoded you have to write it on the chalk board for the old coffin dodging history teacher to see – who then has a mental breakdown giving you the code for the safe! Job done! Well until you have to hit all the shields again.

Only it sounds easy… The school swot Einstein is always grassing you up for smacking him about, if not always stealing your seat in class. Get hit by a stray pellet from boy wonders' slingshot getting caught by the teacher lying on the ground and the warning 'noise' flares giving you instant lines.

Angel face – the school bully ocasionally gets the mumps – if you cross him consider yourself buggered – instant expulsion! sounds harsh but hey the game would be too simple!

It is always great fun writing on the blackboard before class, something crude which only you will chuckle at.. but hey that's what school was all about, when we were allowed to have fun.

The game is packed full of fun gameplay, the graphics do look like a straight speccy port – which it is so fair is fair. The only control issue is navigating the stairs and then getting lines for not being in the right place due to said stairs.. If only schools had disabled stair lifts in them there days… then we could get drunk in them.

Skool Daze

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Released: 1985

Genre: Platformer

Format reviewed: ZX Spectrum

Publisher: Microsphere

Developer: David Reidy

Submitted by: Alex Reeves

This is the video game equivalent of Grange Hill, and was released when the BBC programme was in full swing, and nothing else around for the Spectrum could compare.

Playing the part of Eric, you had the run of a huge school swarming with teachers and pupils, all of which were attacking each other, writing rude messages on the wall and generally mucking about.

Your task was to find the combination to the school safe by the end of term, to prevent your terrible school report from being sent home.  To do this you had to knock over a number of shields hidden around the school with your catapult or by hitting them, and then knocking over the teacher to get the number.

To complicate things you would be punished by the teachers if caught using your catapult, or hitting someone, by giving you lines.  Too many lines and you lose.

Followed by sequel Back to Skool in 1986.

A great retro game, of it's time, and a true Spectrum classic.