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Soccer Boss

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Released: 1986

Genre: Strategy

Format reviewed: Amstrad CPC

Publisher: Alternative Software

Developer: Peaksoft

Submitted by: Ash H

Soccer Boss was originally released as The Boss by Peaksoft before this version by Alternative. There were many football management games on the cpc and it's rivals and this was my choice back in the eighties.

Although these games were quite limited there was still quite some fun to be had trying to get your team to the top. With Soccer Boss, you had a choice of 92 teams to choose from of which only 80 could take part. Also you could rename any of the teams. Naturally you start in division four, (no sign of the premiership here). You start with twelve players which you can also rename. You only get one man on the bench in each game and three reserve players when purchased to take over injured players.

Managing your team is quite straight forward. To move to the next screen you simply press either c, s, p, m or f. These stand for check, sell, play, move and formation. As with these games you can buy and sell players, change the formation of your team to deal with your opponents, if you need to, get a loan from the bank. A nice touch in the game is that it keeps a list of your leading goal scorers season after season.

The game is not without it's probems though. Being a text based game, the match day just shows the two teams with the time played and the scores if any. Once you have chosen your best team and formation that is it. You cannot change the team or make any subs as the match plays. You are also limited to scoring four goals maximum a game as are the opposition. Once the match is over you are taken through a couple of screens which show the scores and tables. On the league table screen, scrolling text along the bottom will show you your gate receipts, wage bill, gas bill and maybe the director's vote of confidence. One annoying thing that may happen is if a player breaks his leg he vanishes from your team.

But how much do you expect from a budget release? You have four divisions, the FA cup, European cup as well as a full game save on another tape. Although there is no training involved, the players skill will go up and down. I used to play this for hours on end waiting for me to show up on the transfer list again. So despite being a bit limited, looking terrible, sounding worse, this is still one of the better football management games on the cpc.