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Space Battle

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Released: 1980

Genre: Shoot-’em-up

Format reviewed: Intellivision

Publisher: Mattel

Developer: Mattel

Submitted by: Ashley Hodgetts

Your space station is alone in space. You only have three squadrons of fighters to defend against the approaching enemy. You are outnumbered but maybe not outgunned.

Space Battle is quite a simple game yet there is plenty of fun to be had. Once you have selected a difficulty level the game starts showing you the map screen. Your space station is in the middle of the map and closing in on all sides are squadrons of enemy fighters. There can be anything from nine to thirteen ships in an enemy squadron and all you have is three in each of yours. By pressing the correct button on the keypad, you can send out your fighters. Each of your squadrons has its own colour and buttons on the keypad so you can send them out or bring them back to base whenever you like.

When you make contact with the enemy, the screen changes to a cockpit view. The enemy ships look alot like the original cylon ships you see in battlestar galactica. They appear on screen from anywhere and fly in all directions. Occasionally they will do a barrel roll and the detail here is quite impressive for such an early game. All you have to do is aim your cursor and destroy all the enemy without losing all your ships and that is one battle won. The amount of enemy left as well as your craft are diplayed on screen. When you shoot one of the craft on screen, the debris may hit another enemy and destroy them aswell, all good fun.

So thats more or less all there is to the game. It's your nine ships against as many as sixty alien ships. You stay alive by not letting your crosshairs touch any enemy fire on screen, or you lose a fighter. Destroy all five enemy squadrons and you get a victory horn and it's game over. Maybe not alot to it but no two games are ever the same and there are a few difficulty levels to work your way through. Perhaps one of the better games for the Intellivision.