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Special Operations

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Released: 1984

Genre: Strategy

Format reviewed: Acorn Electron

Publisher: MC Lothlorien

Developer: Keith Hunt

Submitted by: Martin Kidd

This is one my earliest memories of gaming, having played this on my first computer, the Acorn Electron.

You have to lead a team of special operations commandos in the 2nd World War on one of 9 different missions ranging from the fairly simple (locate the compound and photograph it) to the devlishly difficult (infiltrate the underground complex and locate some secret plans).

The first part of the game requires you to select your team members, each of which has a special skill and a secondary skill. Once you've selected your team you're off to the forest to hunt for the compound whilst avoiding the German patrols. The combat system is a straightforward system requiring you to choose a target then position your men as necessary before each side takes turns shooting at one another.

It may look and sound very simple and in some ways it is but 20-odd years on and I'm still only able to do the easiest missions.

Somehow the Germans always seem to find me out in the underground complex…