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Released: 1982

Genre: Platformer

Format reviewed: Atari 2600

Publisher: Parker Brothers

Submitted by: Eric Hoover

Spider-man for Atari was as simple as you could get. You must help Spider-Man scale the build, while avoiding enemies and defusing small bombs. If your hit by a enemey, you need to sling web quickly or plummet to your doom. Once you've defeated enough enemies, or defused enough bombs, you have so much time to get to the top and defuse the large bomb guarded by the Green Goblin. To defeat him, you just need to defuse the large bomb. Then the game goes to the next level and you must do it all again.

This game is OK. Fun… but for only so long before you get frustrated or bored. Although, it worth having it for the fan boy value. Other than that, the gameplay makes the game a little tough and creates the frustration that will make you turn the game off after a few hundred times of falling off the building. Plus, as you advance level to level, the toughness doesn't increase too much. It's pretty mucht he same damn thing. So… yeah… it's probably best to have this game only for the fan boy value… which is just to have it and nothing more.