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Star Wars

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Released: 1984

Genre: Shoot-’em-up

Format reviewed: Macintosh

Publisher: Domark

Developer: Domark

Submitted by: Anthony Staude

The aim of the game is to succesfully fight your way through three different screens to destroy the Imperial Death Star, piloting your X-wing fighter from a in-cockpit view.

The first wave has Tie Fighters menacing you as you fly towards the Death Star. Avoid their laser shots trying to destroy as many as possible. Darth Vader’s Tie Interceptor makes a cameo appearance here and is worth 1000pts per hit (but can’t be destroyed).

The second waves is against the towers and turrents that bristle the surface of the Death Star itself. Destroy them all for bonus points.

The third and final waves has your X-wing flying through the Death Star’s trench, re-enacting the famous last battle scene of the movie. Avoid lasers and other obstacles to make your way to the Death Star’s vulnerable underbelly to complete your mission.

Wow, what a conversion. It’s all there, including the speech. Perfect control with the mouse, excellent feel and response. The 3D vector graphics are fast and fluid -must be some heavy duty assembler code in there.

What a great game. It would have made Mac gamers in it’s day weep with joy.

The best arcade game of it’s type on the humble 8Mhz B&W Mac.